LB BY MONIA cosmetics was founded in Milan in 2012, it started as a small company based on passion for the world of professional cosmetics. In the past years it has grown from a small local business to an international one, obtaining important results that has made it possible to establish itself worldwide.


We work in two well defined areas: professional cosmetics and wellness centres. All of our products are created, produced and packaged at our establishment in Milan and marketed worldwide. The production chain is located in Bologna: LB BY MONIA guarantees a constant monitoring of the manufacturing processes in order to ensure the outcome of excellent products.


Security, efficiency and great care for details are our objectives that inspire each of our company workers. The original Italian ingredients used for our products meet the requirements of the Cosmetic Regulations; by carrying out the clinically tested Patch test, Good Manufacturing Processes – these are the guidelines that set the operating conditions necessary to safely produce all our products. Moreover, we use specialized trade associations for a constant and punctual update on the new laws and regulations ordered by the Italian and international supervisory authorities.


For more than 20 years we have been studying the various skin types and how to improve its quality. We want our products to be efficient and solve any skin imperfection. Our customer satisfaction and the quality of our products has been our daily commitment supported by a constant research on improving every area of our business.

The Centre’s manager Monia Arbi, offers her customers a twenty year experience in the field of beauty and wellness and the latest techniques of cosmetic medicine.

She has reached a high level of professionalism by doing numerous specialisation courses which she attended not only in Italy but also abroad. Montecarlo and San Francisco are only a few of the cities where Monia Arbi confirmed her profession by developing various skills as a beautician especially in the sure and proven method of permanent hair removal: laser and pulsed light.

After years of experimenting different products for skin care, always looking for products which not only gave good results but also had the best ingredients (INCI), Monia Arbi decided to make her own line of anti-age skin products with a Collagen and Hyaluronic acid base. These skin products will give your skin a better tone and elasticity.

For any further information or if you would like to book an appointment please call +39 366 8723958, we will be happy to assist you.


A close-knit team, with proven experience in the field, will assist you in obtaining excellent results with the help of avant-garde equipment. LB By Monia’s team is made up of a qualified and specialised staff in all beauty treatments with an exceptional knowledge of cosmetic medicine. The high level of professionalism allows them to give you the best advice for the ideal skin and body treatments with optimal results.

The Manager Monia Arbi has personally trained her employees during a trial period when they could analyse and experiment different methods for personal care treatments. By choosing LB by Monia, means you choose a top quality beauty centre, a place to relax your body and mind.