epilazione-definitiva-monzaThanks to the twenty year experience of the manager Monia Arbi for the treatment of permanent hair removal, LB By Monia can offer you a specialised service in this area with SWT Technology from the Ellipse brand, a multinational Dutch leader in the production of medical equipment. Results are guaranteed by clinical testing. SWT stands for Selected Waveband Technology. This technology is an exclusive Ellipse patent which represents a total revolution compared to the traditional pulsed light or laser. SWT technology can effectively penetrate directly inside the bulb thanks to the waveband. SWT Technology guarantees:

  • Efficiency
  • Safety
  • Treatment on all hair types
  • Short breaks between sessions



SWT Technology attacks the cell mutagens (the so-called “mother cells”) which are responsible for the follicular production. The cell masses are thus treated with beams of energy until the roots have been altered. In short, the germinative cells become sterile. To the present day, permanent hair removal with SWT Technology offers the best results compared to, for example, the traditional laser and pulsed light.



Each treatment lasts approximately 15/20 minutes with breaks between sessions of about 4 weeks (this depends on the area treated and the session). We suggest a minimum to 6 to 9 sessions in order to efficiently treat the area in a permanent way.

This would result in a 95% outcome of hair removal. The innovative treatment will be done professionally by our centre LB by Monia’s team of qualified and experienced staff. When choosing LB by Monia, you choose quality and top results.


Come and visit LB by Monia and book your session! You will find us at n.27 Via Carlo Alberto in Monza.